Pro Powder is a family owned & operated powder coating business with over 10 years’ experience in the protective coating industry.

We specialise in the Mining, Energy, Agricultural, Automotive and Engineering Industry Sectors.

Our point of difference is our focus on your investment and protecting it for years to come.

We achieve this by working in partnership with our customers and understanding the requirements needed for small projects, and for larger more complex projects.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality service and advice.

Pro Powder will always act with honesty and integrity and are committed to the long-term success of our business and our customers.




Australia’s weather and environment can be very harsh. Pro Powder helps our mining company clients better manage the corrosive effects of our climate through our high quality, specialised coating operations. Corrosion in the mining industry can also impede the reliability of and efficient operations of our client’s assets.
We help our clients reduce costs and time delays by ensuring their coated mining assets have the best possible protection. Pro Powder‘s anti-corrosion coatings protect equipment operating in aggressive environments.



One of the most prominent risks to most industrial assets is the risk of corrosion and weathering, but there are significant steps you can take to reduce this risk.
In industrial process facilities, corrosion is the biggest single cause of plant and equipment breakdown, including machinery, vessels, structures, supports and pipelines.

Pro Powder high-quality standards provide your assets with the best protection against corrosion.



Rust and corrosion are vehicle killers. Make sure your truck, trailer, or plant equipment stands the test of time with Pro Powder’s high-quality anti-corrosion powder coating treatment.

Vehicles working on mine sites can be severely affected by elements causing widespread corrosion, which greatly effects durability and product life. We protect these assets and other equipment.

New and old vehicles can benefit from protective coating, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.



In most commercial settings, it is necessary to plan for corrosion and asset management. Many materials will not last for the life of the asset, but it is possible for the design to facilitate maintenance or application of certain corrosion prevention over the asset’s useful life.

The cost of maintaining buildings and infrastructure over their life cycle typically outstrips design and construction costs by a factor of 10 or more to one.

The up-front protection of assets will minimise the amount of maintenance required along with the associated need for manufacturing and transport.
This is what we do at Pro Powder. We protect assets.